Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Love Yourself So Your Partner Can Love You

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We spend so much time searching for that special someone: someone to love, someone to cherish, someone to stand by, through the good times and the bad. In our mind it seems simple: meet your soulmate, fall in love, live happily ever after. So why doesn’t it ever all go according to plan?

Love comes naturally, but it doesn’t come easily.

Loving someone means being vulnerable, and opening yourself up to the chance of being hurt. To love means to trust, and to trust can be a very scary thing. But at the end of the day, it’s something we all need to learn how to do.

What makes a relationship work isn’t just the love between two people, but the trust they place in each other.

Let your loved one see the real you.

When it comes to loving someone, all the things we try to hide about ourselves eventually come to light. We all have our flaws, we all make mistakes, and we all do embarrassing things, but there comes a time when we must accept our quirky habits and secret pleasures, and realize that someone who truly loves us will accept them.

Learn to love yourself so others can love you, too.

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