Friday, January 24, 2014

Shim Sung (Finding Your True Self)

Last week, CGI hosted the Shim Sung (Finding Your True Self) workshop. This workshop focuses on self-empowerment by seeing one's patterns and letting them go. The main goals of the workshop are to shed the aspects of life which hold us back (emotional baggage, hurtful memories, etc.) and to encourage oneself to be the master of his/her life. Nine members attended Shim Sung, all of them curious to see what would happen in just two days.

What a change they saw!
Moved by the staff's genuine care and attention, as well as each participant's own struggles and victories, the nine participants discovered their true value from within. Tears were shed as they realized that every one of them was valuable.  Through various games and activities meant to show them their habits and preconceptions, all of the participants discovered how they treat themselves and others, as well as what they want to change in their lives.

Shim Sung is a motivational workshop that is recommended for anyone. Moved by themselves, all of the participants decided to challenge their obstacles, each taking his/her own path in the endeavor. Genuinely touched by what they felt, two participants decided to become ki yoga instructors and two other participants decided to become ki yoga masters. It was a very exciting time as everyone shared their new goals and outlooks in life.

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